The Benefits of Registering for the Z3 Leadership Program

The Z3 Leadership Program provides JCC leaders with the right language and tools needed to implement "Z3-Esque" projects and programs within their organizations and to build a supportive community around them. This leadership lab represents a new and unique collaboration between Z3, the Center for Jewish Peoplehood Education and the Institute for Impact and Intrapreneurship at New York University’s Bronfman Center. The program borrows from the best of an entrepreneurial curriculum, tailoring it to the field of JCC leadership and bringing it to the challenges of peoplehood and Zionist identity and lifestyle.

More About The Program

The program introduces the components of an entrepreneurial mindset and a culture of innovation, inviting paradigmatic adoption through proven pedagogies in the fields of problem-based learning and case studies, systemic thinking, experimentation, mentorship and best practices and models of success. The 3 main pillars of the projects are Zionism, Peoplehood, and Innovation. Upon graduation, its participants will be awarded an NYU executive education certificate in Zionist innovation.

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